Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sample Sunday: Caudalie Premier Cru 'The Eye Cream'

Welcome to the first ever Sample Sunday! I have so many (so, so many) sample sizes of products and I've always wanted to review them, but it felt kind of out of place, since I only really get to try the product a handful of times, depending on the size of the sample. So I decided to start Sample Sundays, where once a week I can give my first impressions of whatever sample sized product I try out.
Those of you who are not new to my blog know that one of my top skincare concerns is my dark, dehydrated under eye area. So for this reason, I LOVE getting samples of eye creams, since I still haven't found my holy grail, cure-all, problem solver eye cream yet.

This eye cream had me very intrigued since I've never really tried anything from Caudalie before. I also became even more intrigued when I saw how much a full size of this product costs; $110 for 0.5 oz! So it was one of those odd scenarios where I had extremely high expectations but also hoped I wouldn't fall in love with it because, damn, that's some expensive stuff.

I will say, this was the most luxurious feeling cream I've ever applied onto my eye area. It feels so light, almost whipped in texture, but you can tell it's providing moisture. It doesn't get absorbed too quickly, which I don't mind too much since I generally apply my eye cream before bed (and maybe a light layer before my makeup).

So I went to bed that night feeling thoroughly impressed with this super luxe feeling eye cream that would likely perform miracles overnight... And when I woke up, my under eye area was even more dehydrated than before I applied the cream!

I got about a weeks use out of this sample and noticed the same thing every time. I would apply the cream, which was very soothing and seemed hydrating, and woke up to Sahara desert dry under eyes.

So yeah, overall, I was not impressed, and I won't be running out to purchase a full size of this product.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Saturday Swatches: Annabelle Smokey Nudes Palette

Hey everyone!
I have so many eyeshadows lying around and I love nothing more than getting to swatch and play around with them, so I've decided that every Saturday I'll be swatching some for you all.

This week I'm swatching the Annabelle Smokey Nudes Palette. It's a cute, small palette that also happens to be pretty affordable as well ($12). It's an older palette but it's still available online and I believe in stores too.
The shadows themselves are very smooth, a bit on the dry side but blend fairly well. They are, however, pretty lacking in pigmentation as you can see in the swatches but with some primer, they can layer on fairly nicely.
I think this is a pretty versatile drugstore palette, since it doubles as a neutral palette and a smokey palette; you really get the best of both worlds here.

I think this would be a great palette for someone looking for a good product for subtle daily eye looks and for a beginner looking to play around with a palette that gives you both nudes and smokey shades.

Some of the more metallic shades in the palette are actually very pretty and apply so smoothly onto the eye.

The Verdict:

I would recommend this palette for someone looking for a decent drugstore palette and who don't necessarily want the highest pigment around. You can absolutely make some very pretty looks with this palette.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Weleda Haul!

 Happy Friday everyone!
I got a lovely package a while back from the lovely folks at M Squared Brands full of products from Weleda. For those of you new to the brand, Weleda is a brand that has tons of amazing, high quality, all natural products, including, skincare, body care, hair care and even products for babies.

I was super excited to receive this box because this is definitely a brand I've been wanting to try out more from. I'm currently trying out these products, and full reviews will be up soon! Without further ado, here's what was in the box!
 The first thing that stood out to me in thebox was the Calendula Intensive Skin Recovery cream. This is the one Weleda product I've tried in the past, and I'm in love with it. I'll be posting a full review about it soon, but trust me, this stuff is miraculous.
 Next up are these 3 Evening Primrose products; The Age Revitalizing Day and Night Creams, as wellas the Revitalizing Body Wash. I'm very excited for these as I'm always on the hunt for a great night cream.
 Finally, I got the Mighty Essentials bag (side note: how adorable is this? It would make a fantastic gift for someone who enjoys natural beauty). It includes:

  • Salt Toothpaste
  • Skin Food hand cream
  • Almond Soothing Facial Lotion
  • Arnica Massage Oil
  • Sea Buckthorn Creamy body wash

This also seems like a great kit to take travelling with you.

I'm so excited to get to test our these products! Let me know which ones intrigue you the most in the comments below!

Thursday, June 1, 2017


Hi everyone! Long time no talk 😋😋 and happy June!
I'm back from my brief exam and study hiatus, and now that I've officially graduated I'm so excited to have more time to be writing on here about my monthly favourites! There aren't too many, since I didn't really try out too many new things, but I rediscovered a lot of old loves within my collection that I ended up using all month long.

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in 'KathleenLights' 
Every single time I wear this eyeshadow, I will guaranteed receive compliments on it. It is hands down the most beautiful true gold shade that is just so flattering on the eyelids. I'm so obsessed with it.
Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in 'Prague' 
It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Nyx's soft matte lip creams, so obviously I had to add to my collection. Prague is a super pretty deep mauvy pink colour and I'm so in love with it.
Milani Rose Blush in 'Romantic Rose'
This blush, besides being 1) super affordable and 2) so pretty, is seriously the most pigmented and flattering blush I've worn in a really long time. I'm so glad I picked this up because I've been using it every day since April and I just can't get enough.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in 'Opal'
I had forgotten just how much I loved this highlight until I started re-using it this past month. It's just so intense and just so GOOD. It applies so flawlessly on the high points of the face and is so eye catching without looking unnatural.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Single Shadow in 'Dusty Rose'
This single shadow for a while now has been my go-to eyeshadow to wear on my minimal makeup days. I just slap it on, all over the lid, or in the crease paired with any pink or purple toned shadows. It's a super flattering colour for my skin tone.
Lise Watier Rouge Gourmand Velours in 'Noble Nude' 
I'm so obsessed with the formula of these lipsticks. They are honestly unlike everything I've ever felt. They are the most matte lipsticks I've ever used, and literally feel like velvet when you put them on your lips. You definitely need to exfoliate your lips well before using them but it's so worth it.

Let me know what you loved this past month!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Review: Wet N' Wild Photofocus Foundation

Hey everyone, long time no talk. I'm in the midst of my final exams so I've been pretty dead to the world, but I promise I've been trying out a TON of new products so stay tuned for reviews! 😀
So, I hadn't tried out a new foundation in ages until I picked this one up, and I knew from the first time I used it that I NEEDED to review it. It was so hyped up so I had pretty high hopes from the start.
I'll start off by saying that I was so impressed by the shade selection on this foundation. There are 20 different shades which is pretty great for a drugstore foundation. I'm so happy I was actually able to find a light enough shade for my skin which tends to be an issue with some foundations at the drugstore.

What I Noticed: 

  • Medium coverage, but definitely buildable
  • It smells like paint... thankfully the smell fades away but yeah, paint smell
  • No pump but you get the product out with a paddle type thing that works pretty well
  • Fairly long lasting but at the end of the day I find it settles a bit strangely around my nose and between my eyebrows
  • You definitely need to set it with a powder or else it will remain tacky 
  • Applies well with both a brush or a beauty blender
  • Not 100% transferproof but pretty close to it

Overall, this foundation did have its drawbacks but I really did like it. Besides the fact that it was crazy affordable ($6 US, I believe?), it was a really solid drugstore foundation. I think that I would recommend this more for dry to normal skin types, as I don't think it would hold up as well on oily skin.

Let me know what you think if you've tried this/want to try this!

Monday, April 17, 2017

My Spring Makeup Essentials: Pink

As soon as spring rolls around, my makeup looks tend to shift to the more pink side of things. I've really been loving the monochrome makeup trend these days because rosy eyeshadow and pink lips are right up my alley.

If you're like me and you love these kinds of looks, here are my favourite makeup products that you need in your life, like, yesterday.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
I whip out this palette for almost every eyeshadow look I ever do. It is just a must have.

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
I waited on picking up this palette for a long time but I finally bit the bullet and went for it. Obviously I love it. If you're like me and you love pink-toned makeup looks, don't hesitate on picking up this palette.

Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Palette 
If you're looking for a more affordable palette that still packs a punch, I highly recommend the Maybelline Blushed Nudes palette. The metallic shades in this are so freaking gorgeous, it blows my mind.

Too Faced Melted Lipstick in 'Melted Chihuahua' 
This is more of a rosy nude on my lips, and it's just one of those lip colours that complements any eye look, so it's definitely a must have in my collection.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in 'Baci' and 'Patina' 
I've recently fallen in love with this liquid lipstick formula (why did I wait so long to try these!?). The colour selection is fantastic as well. Definitely pick one (or many!) of these up.

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush 
This is my holy grail pink blush right now. If you want a blush that makes your cheeks look flushed and healthy, with a touch of glow, this is the one.

Nyx Prismatic Eyeshadow in 'Girl Talk' 
I've actually be loving this lately for highlighting. It's a pretty pink toned champagne colour that really complements any pink makeup look you do. It also looks really nice if you're very fair skinned and have a hard time finding a highlight that isn't too dark.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring 2017 Project Pan!

Hey everyone! So I really enjoyed my Winter project pan and since I have SO many products in my collection that either need more love or need to be used up ASAP, I decided I'll be doing a project pan with a different selection of products every month.

Here's what I chose for Spring 2017!

Of course, I'm bringing back the Nyx Prismatic Eye shadow in 'Girl Talk', since that was the one product in my last project pan that was pretty neglected. Hopefully I can get some good use out of this one this time around!

The big one for this project pan is my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. This was my favourite palette EVER, but since I've purchased so many palettes in the past few months, I feel like this ones been pretty neglected, so my goal is to get some good use out of this and to (hopefully) on at least 3-4 shades.
This will probably be the easiest product in my project pan, since I've already hit major pan on this one. This is the Maybelline Fit Me powder, which I'd really like to completely use up since it's not my favourite face powder ever.
The last two items are my Nyx HD concealer and my Annabelle Big Show Mascara. I like both of these a lot, but don't use them as much as I should. I tend to reach for my Maybelline Fit Me concealer more than this Nyx one, so I'm going to work on using this one up for the next few months.
The Annabelle Big Show mascara is a really nice mascara that I actually have multiple back ups of, but I'd really like to finish it up (for the sake of decluttering a bit!).

What are you working on finishing up? Let me know!